T. Wolfe is wrong: a recent trip home

When I was a kid, this station was run by Chet Williams, and then later by former major league pitcher Jackie Collum.

My first job came at the age of 9 when I was hired to delivered tearsheets for the advertising department at the Grinnell Herald-Register. My father was the long-time editor of this paper and is the reason I got into this business.

It’s funny, but my years as part of this paper are really far less about the visual senses (ironic, since that’s my medium) and more about the texture, scent, and taste of the place. The air was always thick and pungent newsprint, ink, and hot metal. An ancient pop bottle dispenser in the basement will forever have me associate cold Fresca and A & W root beer with newspapering.

This is located just across the street from the newspaper where I worked. Like so many small towns in Iowa, the presence of the downtown church always loomed large wherever you were.

5 thoughts on “T. Wolfe is wrong: a recent trip home

  1. I find myself wondering how you were able to get these pics without a zillion people walking through the shot. Because when I try and shoot pretty much anything, that’s the biggest challenge.

  2. Yup, Dawn. Much of it actually is on the historic register, including the Herald Register newspaper building. And Sam, see the great thing about small town Iowa is that, well, we don’t have to fight a lot of crowds. Anywhere. And the day that I shot these it was something like 102 degrees outside. People were hiding in air conditioning.

  3. I worked for 20 years at a similar paper in a similar building. In my first week, I learned to operate a Linotype. (Still have a small pig-iron burn on the back of my left hand.) When I left, computers had overtaken hot lead, and copy editors had become compositors because of it. Back-room people lost jobs; copy editors had their jobs distorted away from actually editing what reporters wrote. But I digress … Wonderful work, Andrea.

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