6 thoughts on “Half

    • It is the lens associated with the Lumix DMC FZ100 – I don’t speak technical, so here is a paragraph from a post about the camera:

      The DMC-FZ100 features a 25mm wide-angle 24x optical zoom f/2.8-5.2 LEICA DC VARIO-ELMARIT lens. The 25mm wide-angle lens has about twice the shooting area of the standard 35mm lens. The powerful 24x optical zoom can be used both in still and motion picture recording. The Extra Optical Zoom function uses the center part of the MOS sensor to extend this 24x zoom ratio to powerful 50.6x zoom at a resolution of 3-megapixel or less in still picture recording. link here.

      Non-technical answer – I had the camera on a tripod and cranked it up as far as it would go, put on the timer and shot the picture. I cropped the image and did a slight adjustment to the contrast to highlight the craters. That’s all – and the above image is the result.

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