City of Renton

The last Boeing 247 still in flying condition – NC13347, the City of Renton, in United Airlines livery

The Boeing Air Transport 247 entered service on May 22, 1933. It set a cross-country pace of 19 1/2 hours during its inaugural flight between San Francisco and New York. It marked the first time airline passengers could fly across the nation without changing planes or stopping overnight.

Apologies to true airline enthusiasts – I like the lines, textures and shapes of an air frame. I miss the things like a clear shot of the registration numbers…

4 thoughts on “City of Renton

  1. My father worked for the airline for 30 years. My grandfather did so for 25 years before that. And I grew up in the city that gave us Piedmont Airlines, which until it was swallowed by US Air was probably the best airline in the country. So you can imagine how much I’m loving this set.

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