10 thoughts on “Tidal Still Life

  1. The level of detail from my 24 mega-pixel SONY NEX-7 is amazing. I might have to print this big. In any case, thank you all for your very kind comments. This is a far cry from some of the photography sites I’ve posted things to lately. That has been a discouraging experience. (Worst among them: Pixoto. Avoid it with extreme prejudice.)

    But not at all discouraging enough to deter me. I’m heading out now to shoot an abandoned subdivision construction site with pump-jacks in the background. Gonna’ try to channel the spirit of Robert Adams with my Mamiya medium format camera and some good old fashioned Tri-X… (I’ll also shoot it with a digital camera and post the results tonight or tomorrow — assuming I don’t screw it all up.)

    • When I’m using my camera as what might be called an extension of my vision (as opposed to a paintbrush, as Minor White used to put it with his students), I try to resist the temptation to push the saturation beyond what might be considered ‘natural.’ In this case, I did push it and the luminance sliders a little. But not that much. This treatment brought out the colors and luminance that actually were there. (And btw, I did it more to bring out the iridescence in the wrinkly fronds more than anything else.) In any case, I think if I had shot this on film with, say, Fuji Velvia, the saturation would have been punched quite a bit more!

      • Now that I’m thinking about this, maybe there is a 5280LM post to be done on photojournalism, the camera as extension of vision, and the camera as paint brush, along with the aesthetic pitfalls of giving in to the temptation to over-process photos just because that makes them look pretty.

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