My intent was just to capture the translucent orange of the poppy – only later did I see creases that marred the petal. Then I really liked the image – that natural process gave the blossom a well loved quality – as if it had been folded and tucked in a pocket for good luck. Perfection is overrated.

2 thoughts on “Orange

  1. As I learn more about photography, this is one of the things I find I’m liking most. Close-up and macro photography reveals things that have always been there, but you’ve never noticed them. The world would be more interesting if we had built-in vision magnification, I guess. And you can imagine how much I like the color here.

    • Glad you like the orange – the title was for you. 🙂
      Agreed – close up work sealed the deal for me. The small things have been my teachers ever since.

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