a little time alone

went stomping around in the woods yesterday. it’s so immense. hard to find things to capture. i found this pair of tree trunks … a show of dark and light, with a strange sense of motion. i need to remember that looking at the whole can be debilitating. find something smaller that makes sense.

this is how it started. steps leading down and into the forest’s run. a pretty welcome. i remain fascinated with how moss and other growth takes over the still-standing tree trunks.

the trip ended this way. just another fern among maybe millions. but the light was working it over in such a way that all else fell into the background. visually, it had me, as expected a shot as this was. visually, it became more than that.

6 thoughts on “a little time alone

  1. Where is this? And yes, serenity lives!

    I have a few photos very much like these, taken in a place that looks awfully similar, and I have a feeling I was in the same frame of mind when I shot them. A good place to be, all around.

    • thanks all. and Tom, the place is Portland … a park a couple blocks from me. i really want to figure out how to shoot these conditions, so i’m experimenting with a variety of HDR techniques and some other things. the incredible contrast found in the forest here overwhelms the camera, as i’m sure you know. most HDR programs produce unworldly images or something so flat, you can’t even contrast it up enough to look right. this is going to be my major challenge for a while coming. i’m afraid i’ll be posting more of this, ad nauseum, for comments. sorry, all.

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