6 thoughts on “wind disappearance

  1. That is a lovely image and a wonderful sentiment attached. Is this on the coast of Oregon? I love our beaches off season – wide quiet expanses of sand. I enjoy camping on the Washington coast – quiet days roaming around with a camera.

  2. Hey Greg. One thing I love about photography is that the art, itself, is subject to interpretation. Whatever the artist meant to portray in a photo (including me, of course) can pale compared to what others see. I love this photo because of what it says to me. The wind, the wide expanse, all say space and freedom to me. The kite is struggling to be free from those insignificant specs in the distance (and you’re quite right that, without them, the photo is much diminished). Perhaps the kite has succeeded. We don’t know. But clearly, there has been a struggle, and I’m rooting for the kite, for the wind, for nature on this one.

    Great job, man.

    • Stuart … i really appreciated your comment. the idea of art meaning many things according to the viewer is one of the best concepts that’s come out of the postmodern thinking in the last half-century. i think it makes the work more accessible to more people. and i do like your interpretation a lot. a struggle for freedom. hard to beat.

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