5 thoughts on “Leyden, Massachusetts

  1. You know, this is pretty cool. This is the type of scene that I see and I try and shoot it. But it always comes off as junky, busy, lacking focus, and so on. You’ve done it in a way where there’s a lot going on and it works. Something about the gestalt. Very nicely done.

  2. Well, I guess I have a high tolerance for what some would consider busy or messy. And I have a very high tolerance for nature as you find it. But on further analysis, there is more order here than I originally noticed. There’s a lot of verticality – lines in the form of twigs and plants growing out of the water. And the reflection mirroring those lines, obviously. There’s also a tension between the living and the decaying.

    Very apt question, Dawn….

  3. Frankly, I think it works because I love this tiny brooke feeds a small pond where I’ve canoed for half a century. I’ve been to this brook and pond several hundred times in my life. It’s in the village bordering my hometown. I’ve (ahem) sat under the stars there with a woman or two over the decades. I’ve camped there. I’ve been dead drunk in sorrow there. It is, perhaps, among the most peaceful and poignant places in my life.

    After a while, you just know the place well enough to know when it is amenable to having its portrait taken. Over my lifetime, I’ve rarely photographed a landscape on a first date, so to speak. I’ve always wanted to iive within it for a while.

    It’s rarely the lens and the camera that are the sole constructors of an image. It, for me, is always about a feeling.

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