Study of a Young Girl

These are part of a study of a 14-year old girl, done my my daughter. I like the first two because they’re in a playground, so there’s this coming-of-age feel to them, with one foot in both child and adult worlds. The first one is one I’d have been proud to take myself. The second could only have been taken by another teenage girl without being creepy, I think.

This next set is of the same girl in a suburban environment. There’s something about the high fashion approach, mixed with the personality and the mundane suburban background that I really like.

Finally, this shot shows some serendipity for what can happen when the light fades and the shutter speed slows.

5 thoughts on “Study of a Young Girl

  1. The first and last are my favorites. I like the hint of motion on the first one. The slight blur of her arm and hand, and the wisp of hair that has fallen across her face, make it real. At least for me. As for the last one, words cannot describe… (Although maybe just the slightest tweaking is in order. I’m finding myself wanting her face to be ever-so-slightly lighter.)

  2. I’m with you on the first one, but I like it more because it expresses some anxiety about growing up. My only concern is that, had I taken it, I’d feel it was a bit contrived, you know? The second one melts my heart because it’s such a young girl, and she’s trying to smolder when she’s just not quite up to it, yet. It’s dear. And in a sense, I think it’s more honest, even though it’s more posed.

  3. The errant strand of hair in the lede photo concentrates my attention on just one eye. That’s rather riveting. I, too, like the blurred shot. She’s 14, and she’s alive!, the motion says. Well done.

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