These cottonwoods are old friends — I see them on many of my runs west of Niwot, Colorado. And I’ve shot many pictures of them. This double exposure, with a Mamiya medium format film camera (Fuji Velvia 120 film, at ISO 100) was a happy (or perhaps for some viewers, an unhappy) accident: I forgot to advance the film.


Cars stream north out of Boulder. Were they aware of the spectacle behind them? (Shot on Fuji Velvia 120 transparency film, ISO 100, with a Mamiya C220 camera. A relatively low-resolution scan with very minimal post-processing — in other words, this is pretty much the way it looked right out of the camera. Copyright: Tom Yulsman)


As a confirmed denizen of the small hours of the morning – an early field trip to the city seemed quite reasonable. I’ll photograph the sunrise from Queen Anne Hill – tunes, car, coffee, camera and tri-pod – off I went.

Now, I realize I shoot with a Lumix point and shoot, have limited patience for technically fiddly things, and don’t own a copy of Photoshop – but that doesn’t stop me from imagining fantastic photos.

Despite my best intentions the results were neither here nor there. I was going to consign this outing to the hard drive, but I’m going to share it anyway. This blog is about photography – it’s not always perfect. I take pictures for fun – so join me in poking some fun at myself.

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