Rekha (a cropping debate)

First off, I love this shot. It was one of those moments where I caught a wonderful subject sort of unawares and managed to capture a real complexity in an expression. So, here’s the first crop.

Rekha Ohal

Actress and model Rekha Ohal takes a break from a video shoot in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

Some colleagues and I (Stuart O’Steen, Greg Stene, Denny Wilkins and Lisa Wright) exchanged some comments and ideas on how it might best be cropped. There are differences of opinion, which I like. More chances to learn.

Here’s a second crop. I also like it a lot, although I’m torn as to which I prefer.

Rekha Ohal

Have a look at my comment to Denny below. I never realized how many different things there were to consider once you actually got the shot….

5 thoughts on “Rekha (a cropping debate)

  1. I really like this crop. Greg might think that there’s no graceful way to leave the frame with her face so close to the edge. But 1) those eyes are arresting and 2) those eyes direct the viewer back into the frame and 3) the greenery suits her perfectly. Well done, sir.

  2. Thanks. One of the things I never thought about before I started shooting was just how many different ways there are to present a picture. Even once you find the shot and take it, what then? Color vs b/w (and once that decisions is made, there are still all kinds of considerations of levels and curves and contrast and saturation) and how to crop it. The same set of raw data can yield any number of finished products.

    In this case, I really like this crop, but have played around to know that there are at least three more that I also like.

  3. If you’d worked a copy desk as long as I did, you’d have used the crop with Reka at left or center. It’s an old rule: Don’t have the subject of a photo looking off the page. But I still maintain Reyka’s eyes should govern the crop. They are compelling.

  4. Rekha and I were talking about this earlier. You can see the original version over at Lullaby Pit Photography. There, you don’t have the tight head crop, you have the full body, and it tells a very different story – she was tired and hot and the shot captures her fatigue. With these two, the emphasis is on her eyes – it’s actually a lot more glamorous, whereas the other version is about undercutting the glamour.

    She likes the one at LP better, actually.

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