Some Time in the Yellow Stones

the line to go somewhere.

i went through my photographs completely when asked to contribute to this blog … it was the first time, ever, that i’d done that. i discovered some images like these, from Yellowstone, that were taken, processed, and never seen by anyone other than myself. until now. i like that they tell a time-based story. in this first one, there’s steam, chemicals, possible death if you fall in. people loved it.

time without the camera.

i once asked a professional photographer if he took a camera with him on vacation. no, he said. the camera puts a barrier between you and the experience. and so, the wise man above, his images captured, spends time with the experience.

after the people have gone.

the effects of the immense fires of 1988 are evident in the fact of the bare trees in all three images. they were taken in the same place, with just some time separating them … more toward the evening as we move through them here. now, the people have gone and the great land does what it will.

4 thoughts on “Some Time in the Yellow Stones

  1. You’ve done a beautiful job of capturing the smallness of humanity against the might of nature. Funny, I had just left Dr.Denny a comment earlier yesterday about not taking pictures in order to remain in that moment. Your image is a good reminder. Beautiful and evocative, thanks for sharing them.

  2. i have maybe a couple more images somewhere. thanks for the “more,” rather than “less.” which reminds me of the old joke about Les Moore, who got shot with a fourty-four. No Les. No more.

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