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cannon battery wall: a century on.

More Chain Link Loveliness

chain link fall
While waiting at the finish line of the Outer Banks Triathlon last weekend, I had time to study the activity along a nearby chain link fence. So many pretty sights, especially with the leaves beginning to change colors now.

a way to the sunlight.

Battery Russell, a two-gun cannon emplacement at Ft. Stevens at the mouth of the Columbia River. Its active status protecting the entry of the river dates from 1903-44; it’s a state park now. This, and one other closet appear to have the only stairs upward and to the open top of the battery. A Japanese submarine actually fired about 17 rounds into the area during WWII.

Handcuffs & Mascara

I took my bride to a new Ulta store in Westminster last Friday and it was the most amazing thing. 5000 square foot or so dedicated almost entirely to makeup and glamour, a Bass Pro Shop for women…sweet! This poster was on the wall and I was torn between shame for the sexism of enjoying it versus just enjoying it. Here it is, I’ll let you make your own moral decisions 8^)

Denver City Planning Commission

Okay, now I’m just fucking around…..

rusting your life away.

passenger railway car too close to ocean air and the salt.


Breaker: Denver Art Museum



P1040936 modified

Growler: Remixed

Two new takes on one of my earliest car shots.

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Wheels: 1930 Dusenberg


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