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This and the previous shot are of a magnificent 1933 Graham, taken at the Greenwood Car Show in Seattle last month.

Prairie Pelicans in the Rain

These were shot on a grey rainy day so of course the Pelicans performed like circus troupers and positively lined up for glamour shots. Here, a landing flare.

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Stuck in an endless traffic jam on Wednesday… I was reduced to photographing my shoe with my phone. *smile* happy weekend.

Madam, Could You PLEASE Control Your Children?

I noticed the Heron becoming a trifle perturbed when a hen Mallard and her brood infringed on his hunting territory. No words were spoken other than a random “quack” or two but if looks could kill… Read the rest of this page »

A Dapper Patron of the All You Can Eat Buffet

I’ve imaged Crested Night Herons before but they draw me back with their blood red eyes and long jaunty white head plumes. I tried to catch this pretty boy snacking on the pond fauna but he was too quick for me. Interesting birds, apparently very social, nesting together hidden in trees until evening when they split up for solitary hunts.

not always green …

Dancing in the Wind

These for some of the best soaring shots I got of the Pelicans, plus a little surprise ending 8^) …for more follow link  Read the rest of this page »

The American White Pelican

Sam got me interested in learning a little more about these creatures, 30 million years they’ve been flying the waterways of this Earth in essentially the same form. That is positively prehistoric! Average size is around 5 feet long, 9 foot wingspan, and 15 pounds. Here you can see how their flexible elbow or ulna allows the wing to fold in half for storage when not in flight. For more images click  Read the rest of this page »


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