High on Photography…





Xmas Station


Holiday Shuffle

Blast From the Past

My beloved and I were out and about yesterday and saw this immaculate little 1975 Honda Civic at a local dealer. The owner’s wife purchased it for him as a birthday present for $10,000, original sticker price was around $2000. What a happy little car 8^) Read the rest of this page »


Yellow and red



Abondoned warehouse LaConnor, WA

Oh dear, another holiday light blown…

Cleft Beauty

1941 Cadillac

Hole in the sky and the snow fell through it…

snowy morning

Our first snow of the season… OK those of you with real snow can stop laughing now. Go support a local business today.

Some Assembly Required

My beloved was growing tired of our old well worn and tree stained porch swing so in a moment of devil may care I said, “Well let’s give it away and I’ll get you something new!” (click to continue reading) Read the rest of this page »

Some Days Even Beauty Hangs Her Head

I’m not a morose person by any means but somehow this image seems to capture the mood of the day. Nothing to do but lift our eyes and look forward towards a better tomorrow.



Been exploring more abstract images – this is the tree line in the backyard with abstracted neighbor porch lights.


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