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Willet “Whatever”

willet whatever
I can’t decide if this looks like a husband and wife or mother and child! It makes me smile – so classic!


before the storm.

Sail Away Home: For Ronan

The Summerlands await. I’ll miss you, old friend.

8 seconds on Saturday night

Ferry slip 8 sec exposure

The warm evening drew me out with camera. I played around until I found that 8 seconds shutter allowed the sandy beach to register, the water to smooth out, a touch of blue hour remained and while bright – hopefully the loading pier is still acceptable. The pilings in the foreground are the historical remnants of the shingle mills that lined our waterfront.

Oriental Flowers

I was stationed at Camp Fuji Japan for awhile in the early 1970’s and this image was taken riding the train from Gotemba to Tokyo on a weekend pass. Just some young schoolgirls on their way to class…dang…now I see a failure in the 40 year old film but oh well, I still like it!  ***Addition, Greg Stene took the time to Photoshop the big yellow blob out. His notes and the corrected image below original. Thanks Greg!

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