High on Photography…


Revisiting this shot, an odd little moment from a shoot at the U of Washington back in April.

Omen – v2

Greg’s comments on the previous version got me to thinking. It needs a tighter crop, yes? Like so?



The Idiosyncrasies of a Free Society

A friend opened this gun store a few years ago after a falling out with a partner at another location. The rent is reasonable and there’s lots of traffic but his next door neighbor makes for a strange visual dichotomy as one drives past. Some would say this is exactly what is wrong with America while others will say no, this is exactly what’s right. I’ll leave it to the viewer to make up their own mind.

swallowtail* …

*at least I think so …

The Moment of Impact

apocalypse trees
I imagine that this is what it would look like if a bomb dropped in this forest. Another in my motion blur series.

small and tiny …

The flower is small, and the bugs are tiny …

a moist morning …


Metallum Arcanum


Tree of Souls




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